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Leighton, S. (2018) Authenticity and activism in cultural leadership: Should we step lightly or bellow from the rooftops? London: Clore Leadership Programme. This is a provocation paper that focuses on authentic activity.
Turner, K. (2018) Kindness in leadership: Making an organisational commitment. London: Clore Leadership Programme. This provocation paper explores the value of kindness that can manifest not only in the outcomes of work in arts and culture, but also in the organisational culture of the workplace itself.
Skene, P, Wilcox, T. and Arrowsmith, K. (2017) A Practical guide to governance. London: Clore Leadership Programme. This guide offers a range of essential information, bespoke resources and downloadable templates that address some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to the effective governance of cultural organisations.
Carty, H.S., Bryan, D. and Murch, A. (2017) Achieving good governance: A challenge. London: Clore Leadership Programme. This is review of the governance development needs of arts organisations and museums. The aim of the review is to strengthen the governance of arts organisation.
Ono, E. M. (2016) Moving Arts Leadership Forward. Menlo Park, CA: The William and Flora Hewlet Foundation. This report focuses on the changing arts leadership landscape and outlines three primary goals for non-profit arts organisations and funders to consider: supporting individual career pathways; building capacity for cross-generational leadership; fostering shared values of diversity and innovation.
Wilkinson, F., Ings, R. and England, C. (2017) Guided by Young Voices. London: Arts Council England. This guide focuses on youth governance, providing advice for arts institutions on how to include young people in decision-making processes.
Hoyle, S. and Kings College (2018) Changing Cultures: Transformation of Leadership in the Arts, Museums and Libraries Research Report. London: Arts Council England. This report was commissioned by Arts Council England to better understand the current landscape of leadership in the sector and to survey the support available for leaders to address these pressing challenges. It shows how leadership values and behaviours relate to organisational outcomes, and how interventions work to develop executive leadership skills in England.

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