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Lynch, E. and Nelken. M. (2018) From small shifts to profound changes: Creative people and places programme and its impact on artistic practice. Creative People and Places. This report captures the perspectives of artists, as well as the team members who are responsible for programming and working with artists and communities.
TBR Creative and Cultural Team (2018) Livelihoods of visual artists: 2016 data report. TBR. This research study was undertaken in order to address important information and evidence gaps in relation to the visual arts. The study aims to inform the future work of the wider visual arts sector including Arts Council England and the Project.
Gordon-Nesbitt, R. (2015) Mapping artists' professional development programmes in the UK: Knowledge and skills. London: Chisenhale Gallery. This report aims to map the range of knowledge- and skills- focused professional development programmes currently offered by arts organisations across the United Kingdom.

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