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Policy paper
The research policy paper suggests that the value contribution made by creative networks is extensive, providing a key central node for a range of stakeholders with an impact felt far beyond the local creative industries.
Policy Paper
DCMS (2021) Boundless Creativity report has examined the role of innovation in shaping cultural experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and generated a new evidence base to inform the recovery, renewal and future growth of the UK’s cultural and creative sectors.
Case Study
Intersections: Art and Digital Creativity in the UK is a website/blog featuring a series of conversations looking at the ideas and creative practices emerging at the junctures of art and technology in the UK.
Nesta (2017) Creative Enterprise Toolkit. 2nd Edition. London: British Council. This toolkit is a practical resource to help anyone who is planning to launch a new creative business.
Easton, E and Djumaliva, J. (2018) Creativity and future of skills. London: Nesta. This report aims to understand how the word ‘creativity’ is being used in the job market, and whether its importance will lessen or grow. Looking at 35 million UK job adverts in 2013-2017, and the relative importance of the word ‘creativity’ within them.
Peraire, M., Valent, J. and Pascual, J. (2012) Creativity. Barcelona: UCLG Culture Committee. This report was commissioned by the Global Network of Cities, Local and Regional Governments (UCLG) in the framework of the revision of Agenda 21 for Culture (2013-2015).

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