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Jerwood Arts. (2019) Socio-economic diversity and inclusion in the arts: Toolkit for Employers. London: Jerwood Arts. This toolkit aims to support long-term change across the arts sector by sharing knowledge, providing expert support, and encouraging take-up of an intersectional approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.
Gorman, S. (2017) Where am I? Black Asian and minority ethnic role models in performing arts? London: MAYA productions. This research project report explores the importance of BAME role models for developing a more diverse work force. It also looks into concerns of Arts Council England and other key sector bodies and a growing public recognition.
Janke, T. (2018) First Peoples: Indigenous engagement in museums and galleries. Melbourne: Australian Museums and Galleries Association. The policy papers focus on key elements for change, including: reimagining representation; embedding indigenous values; increasing indigenous opportunity; the two-way of taking care of cultural material; and connecting with indigenous communities.
Khan, O and Shaheen, F. (2017) Minority Report Race and Class in the post-Brexit Britain. London: Runnymede. This report aims to analyse and understand how race and class interact – notably by interrogating the persistence and extent of intergenerational inequalities on the grounds of race and class, and examining how those are then supported by racist and classist attitudes and behaviours.
Parkinson, A and Buttrick, J. (2013) Equality and diversity within arts and cultural sector in England. London: Arts Council England. This report establishes a baseline of data, evidence and research about equality and diversity across the arts and cultural sector. It offers a snapshot of current trends and challenges across four key themes: arts and cultural audiences, participation, workforce, and access to finance.
Patel, K. (2019) Supporting diversity in craft practice through digital technology skills development. Birmingham: Birmingham City University. This report examines the creative drivers and some of the challenges facing black and minority ethnic women workers in the UK specifically in relation to their online profile and presence.

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