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Garcia, B., Armitage, N. and Crone, S. (2014) Heritage, Pride and Place. Liverpool: University of Liverpool. This report explores the contribution of World Heritage Site status to Liverpool’s sense of place and future development and considers opportunities and challenges for Liverpool.
Garcia, B. and Cox, T. (2013) London 2012 Cultural Olympiad Evaluation. Liverpool: University of Liverpool. This report presents the full findings from the Institute of Cultural Capital evaluation of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, providing detailed evidence of the programme’s main achievements as well as explaining the challenges.
Cox, T. (2017) Arts Legacy Funding Project Evaluation. Birmingham: DHA Communications. This report considers five action-research partnership projects in different areas of the UK, aiming to enhance the quality of people’s engagement in the arts – and to create a more professional and confident sector whose work is validated and valued.

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