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Pearson, K.R. et al (2018) Arts-Based methods for transformative engagement. A toolkit. Wageningen: SUSPLACE. This toolkit that intends to support new ways of thinking and doing in our work as change agents towards regenerative societies.
Bishop, A. et al (2019) Innovation mapping now. London: Nesta. This report underlines the importance of new, more detailed and timely data and the usage of powerful analytics; it also outlines new ways of presenting information.
Data Set
Mayor of London (2019) London cultural infrastructure map. London: GLA. London Cultural Infrastructure Map plots the location of cultural infrastructure and enables the user to view it alongside useful contextual data, like transport networks and population growth.
Data Set
City Data Team (2019) The London datastore, London: GLA. The London Datastore was created by the Greater London Authority (GLA) with the aim of making it open and accessible for everyone.

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