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Peach, K., Berditchevskaia, A. and Bass, T. (2019) The Collective intelligence design playbook. London: Nesta. This toolkit presents tools, tactics and methods to harness the power of people, data and technology to solve global challenges. It is tailored to support the design of a collective intelligence project. It is intended to be used by teams or groups working through the activities and exercises together.
Colvert, A. (2018) The Oracles: Mapping the Affect and Effects of Immersive Play in KS2: Final Report for Punchdrunk Enrichment. London: University of Roehampton. The report aims to understand the purposes, practices, processes and products of The Oracles programme. mapping the relationship between the intensity (affect) and the nature of engagement (effect) in participants’ experiences.
Dellot, B. et al. (2019) The four futures at work: Coping with uncertainty in an age of radical technologies. London: RSA Action and Research Centre. The report builds on a conceptual framework which focuses on the current tech taxonomy and critical uncertainties to model four future-of- work scenarios for 2035.

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