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Partnership for Young London and Roundhouse (2019) Self-made sector: Working in the Creative Industries. London: Roundhouse. This report explores the barriers facing young people entering the creative industries – particularly BAME young people and those from low-income households. It highlights many challenges young people face along this journey – from education, to family, and in the industry.
Creative toolkit is an online resource with advice for careers in the performing arts, media and entertainment sectors also gives updated information about issues around the workplace, guidance on health and safety and insurance etc. It was developed by BECTU, the UK's media and entertainment union.
Revelli, B (ed.) (2018) Career in the Arts: Visions for the Future. Amsterdam: ELIA. Through quantitative and qualitative research, the NXT Project deepens the understanding of how higher arts education institutions and creative hubs are training students, alumni or young professionals to make a living from their artistic practice.

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