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The Mendoza Review is the first review conducted in 10 years, focusing on focuses primarily on the 1,312 Arts Council England-Accredited museums. It is commissioned by DCMS to gain a deeper understanding of the sector, the issues it faces, and how it can be best supported by government. In particular, it looks at the increase and diversification of audiences; the role museums play in developing local communities and place-making; how museums support soft power; and, crucially, how government might help to create a resilient sector. The report has the following sub-headings: Adapting to today’s funding environment, growing and diversifying audiences, dynamic collections curation and management, contributing to place-making and local priorities, delivering cultural education, developing leaders with appropriate skills, digital capacity and innovation, and finally working intentionally.

Mendoza, N. (2017). The Mendoza Review: An Independent review of Museums in England. London: DCMS.

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