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Mendoza, N. (2017). The Mendoza Review: An Independent review of Museums in England. London: DCMS. It is the first review conducted in 10 years, focusing on focuses primarily on the 1,312 Arts Council England (ACE)-Accredited museums. It is commissioned by DCMS to gain a deeper understanding of the sector, the issues it faces, and how it can be best supported by government.
Cannadine, D. (2018). Why Collect? A Report on Museum Collection Today. London: Wolfson Foundation. This report is an inquiry into the impact of these unprecedented challenges such as austerity, pressures and expectations of national and local governments from museums and galleries on the current collection practices (or the lack of them) of our museums and galleries.
Policy Paper
Museum Association (2018) Collection 2030: Discussion paper. London: MA. Collections 2030 is a major new research project that seeks to understand the current state of museum collections in the UK. This work builds on the findings of the recent Museums Taskforce convened by the Museums Association. This paper represents the first stage in this process.

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