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Bennett, E. and McKay, G. (2019) From brass band to buskers: Street music in the UK. Norwich: AHRC/ University of East Anglia. This report aims to chart and critically examine available writing about the historical and contemporary presence of street music in the cultural landscape and our shared public spaces, drawing on both academic and ‘grey’/cultural policy literature in the field.
Data Set
The Canada dance mapping study aims to identify, quantify and describe the ecology, economy and environment of dance in Canada. On this site, it is possible to access to interactive dance map, statistics and survey about it and relevant bibliography, including the role of dance in the life of Canadians.
Matarosso, F. (2019) A restless art. London: Central Books. This report provides a modern-day snapshot of innovative practice from around the world, and sets out an argument for the value of participatory and community art.

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