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Wilson, N., Gross, J. and Bull, A. (2017) Towards cultural democracy: Promoting cultural capabilities for everyone. London: King's College. This report suggests a new way to understand creative potential: the substantive freedom to co-create versions of culture that it names as 'cultural capability'. It presents cultural democracy as a vision for an alternative way of cultural policy making which will support cultural capabilities of everyone.
Case Study
Hunter, J., Micklem, D. and Ikin, E. (2018) Cultural Democracy. London: Arts Council England. This guide shares examples of excellence across the funded sector, highlighting best practice, and contributing to the case for Cultural Democracy and the potential benefits of open decision-making, co-creation, and co-production for arts organisations and their communities
Data Set
DCMS (2016) Taking Part Survey. London: DCMS. Taking Part is a continuous face-to-face household survey for adults aged 16 and over and children aged 5 to 15 years old in England.

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