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McAndrew, C. (2019) The art market report: 2019. Basel: Art Basel. The report analyses the global art market by looking at its different segments such as gallery business, auction houses, changing patterns of global wealth and art collecting, art fairs, online sales, and economic impact of the art market in general. down load
Mei, J. and Moses, M. (2002) The Sotheby’s Mei Moses Indices. London and New York: Sotheby’s. Sotheby’s Mei Moses Indices are developed to serve as a preeminent measure of the state of the art market. They are developed to control differing levels of quality, size, colour, maker, and aesthetics of a work of art by analysing repeat sales.
Culturehive (2017) Marketing Campaign Planning Guide. Cambridge: AMA. This guide helps to build campaign plans, which sit within overall marketing strategies of arts organisations to promote specific products, performances, exhibitions or services.
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AMA helps people working in arts and cultural organisations reach more audiences with our training, events and resources. It provides resources, templates, advice, case studies and guidance.

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